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Raymond Batten, Alisa Cooper and Mark Hodges Join CFSJ Board

Community Foundation of South Jersey Announces the Appointment of Three New Board Members

Community Foundation of South Jersey (CFSJ) has announced the addition of three new Board members. The Honorable Raymond A. Batten, Commissioner Alisa Cooper and Mark S. Hodges were unanimously voted onto the Governing Board at the April 2017 Board meeting.


Raymond A. Batten is Of Counsel for Archer Laws’ Business Litigation Department where he concentrates on Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation. Prior to joining Archer, Judge Batten was appointed to the New Jersey Superior Court by Governor Jim Florio in 1992 and was reappointed for tenure in 1999 by Christie Todd Whitman. Judge Batten served on the Criminal Division of the Cape May County Court from 2002 to 2013 and as the Presiding Judge of the General Equity Division for Vicinage 1 in 2013. Prior to his judgeship, Judge Batten was a former Assemblyman from New Jersey’s 1st district and a former municipal prosecutor. He lives with his wife Mary Frances in Cape May, New Jersey.


Alisa Cooper, a native of Atlantic City, was appointed to the New Jersey Casino Control Commission in 2012 by Governor Chris Christie, and reappointed to a full, five-year term in 2014. Commissioner Cooper is responsible for licensing New Jersey’s casinos and its key employees as well as handling appeals and decisions imposed by the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement. Cooper also had a long career in the music and entertainment industry & owned and operated “Alisa Cooper Orchestras” for several decades.  Cooper was also an Atlantic County Freeholder-at-large and in 2014, was inducted into the Atlantic County Women’s “Hall of Fame” for her years of dedication to public service and government.  Cooper lives in Linwood, NJ with her husband Doug Little and their son, David Cooper Little.


Mark S. Hodges is Principal of Blueprint Strategic Consulting, a management consulting firm that provides strategic planning, organizational development and quality management services. Prior to launching Blueprint, Hodges served as the Chief Quality Officer for Bayada Home Health Care and the Founding Executive Director of the Joseph Fund in Camden, NJ. Hodges also held the titles Senior Vice President of Corporate Operations for Hovnanian Enterprises as well as Vice President of Marketing and Sales, and Director Quality Management for Scarborough Corporation. Mark and his wife Susan live in Haddonfield. NJ.

CFSJ Board President John C. Connell says the addition of these three Board members ensures that the organization’s leadership represents the broad geographic region it covers. “In keeping with our priority to serve the entire eight-county South Jersey region, these outstanding individuals with deep ties in their local communities will help CFSJ further its work to increase the philanthropic dollars available to address South Jersey’s unique and varied needs.”

Community Foundation of South Jersey is a non-profit organization that sets up charitable giving funds for individuals, families, companies and communities. CFSJ has over $21 million in managed assets, and in partnership with our fund-holders, has given out nearly $7 million in grants and scholarships since launching in 2009. For more information, visit communityfoundationsj.org.


Legacy of Giving Dinner Ends with $100k Donation from Baiada Fund

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On Thursday, October 27th, Mark and Ann Baiada were honored with the Community Foundation of South Jersey Legacy of Giving award.  More than 150 people celebrated the selfless generosity of the Baiadas at the Moorestown Community House.

The evening ended with a $100,000 donation to LUCY Outreach, a Camden non-profit that boasts 100-percent high school graduation rate and 97-percent college admissions.  This is a major accomplishment in a city where the dropout rate is 48 percent.

“What you give is who you are,” Ann Baiada said as she accepted the award with her husband who laid out an easy way for others to follow in their footsteps.  Mark suggested starting a fund so that each year families can sit down and discuss together what organization or cause they’ll support.  The Baiadas accepted the honor as a way to inspire others in our area to give more, do more and be more.

The Legacy of Giving dinner raised over $70,000 for the Community Foundation’s Impact Partners Fund.  In addition to the Baiada’s donation, CFSJ donated $2,500 — a portion of the proceeds — to LUCY Outreach.  And, as part of the event each year, a drawing to award a $1,000 unrestricted grant to an organization chosen by one of the guest was held.  The winner was Kelli Marans and the organization she chose was Calcutta House, which provides housing and other highly supportive services for people living with AIDS in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley region.

Live Give Love South Jersey — The Baiada Way


On Thursday evening, October 27th at 6:30 PM, The Community Foundation of South Jersey (CFSJ) will honor J. Mark and Ann Claffey Baiada – two of South Jersey’s most gracious philanthropists – with the 4th Annual Legacy of Giving Award. They will follow in the footsteps of previous winners whose passion and commitment to making our region a better place is not only noteworthy, but exemplary.

The evening will begin at 6:30 pm with a reception in the lovely Garden Room of the historic Moorestown Community House at 16 E. Main Street, followed by a delicious fall harvest themed dinner in the Ballroom with local wines and beer from South Jersey. About 150 people are expected to attend. Tickets are available until October 24th to join the festivities that have attracted many community, civic and corporate leaders of the region. The evening will also include students from LUCY Outreach who will share how support from the Baiadas helped the organization achieve a 100% high school graduation rate and a 97% college admission rate in a city where the drop out rate is 48%.

It’s about LOVE.

Mark and Ann Claffey Baiada are passionate about many causes, and in their daily lives they seek out ways to make an impact that will outlive them. Ann has a reputation for being hands-on when it comes to the long list of organizations with which she is involved. Mark also gives his time and has been honored by numerous organizations and schools throughout our region. He also ensures that BAYADA Home Health Care employees have ample opportunity to work directly with community organizations they care about. Both Mark and Ann encourage their children and other family members to follow their passion and get involved. They set an awesome example by getting personally involved, often rolling up their sleeves to humbly participate in events, or leading the charge to raise money.

Offering amazing ways to LIVE.

Started more than 30 years ago, The BAYADA Regatta – an adaptive rowing competition held on the Schuylkill River to support those with physical disabilities – has grown steadily, becoming one of the largest all-adaptive rowing events in the world. The event helps people with a number of physical disabilities, including blindness, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, paraplegia or quadriplegia, while bringing spectators from around the world to the region.

And a legacy to GIVE.

This summer, Mark Baiada announced he will gift the BAYADA Home Health Care to a newly created foundation that will perpetuate the company and prevent it from being sold. Mark’s passion for the company’s mission drove the creation of the Lasting Legacy Plan.

“Mark and Ann’s actions prove they believe strongly in creating a lasting legacy of helping others.” said Sidney Hargro, CFSJ Executive Director, who worked with the Baiadas to create a family fund at CFSJ through which they can support their favorite organizations in perpetuity. “They are enormously inspiring and examples to all who want to maximize the impact that their giving has on our region.”

Live. Love. Give. South Jersey.  That is what The Community Foundation of South Jersey is all about. We help charitable-minded people make prudent decisions about the money they donate. CFSJ serves the eight-county South Jersey region – spanning from Ocean to Cape May Counties – managing donor-advised funds for individuals, families, businesses and communities. Currently, CFSJ manages the assets of more than $18.2 million in donor-advised funds. Since 2009, the organization has partnered with its fund holders to issue $6 million in grants and scholarships. For information, visit communityfoundationsj.org.

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