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Group Funds


Happy girls on coffee breakPhilanthropy Isn’t Just For The Super Rich

CFSJ can help you transform individuals who care about the same cause into a community of impactful givers.

SJ can help you turn individuals who care about one cause into a community of impactful givers.

  • Community Endowments
  • Giving Circles
  • Church groups
  • Survivors and their families
  • Friends or strangers who share the common goal of making a difference for a single cause

How ever your community is defined, CFSJ can help you multiply your giving impact.

Set up a fund where people can make donations to your cherished cause.  Turn your social bond with good friends into a philanthropic partnership?  Rally the people in your town around supporting causes and programs that make your community stronger.

With the right tools, everyone can give back — no matter their income.

HomeTown Community Endowment Funds

In 2013, the first HomeTown Community Endowment Fund was formed when the Haddonfield Foundation, a 25 year old (??) volunteer run community endowment in Haddonfield, New Jersey affiliated with the CFSJ, gifting assets into a HomeTown Community Endowment Fund.  This meant that volunteer leaders of the Haddonfield Foundation gained full-time staff support for fund development strategy and implementation.

Giving Circle Funds

Giving Circles Funds offer  shared giving and social impact networking to groups of individuals.  Examples of Giving Circle Funds include women’s funds (see “Giving Circles: More Impact to Go Around), young professional network funds, and other culturally based group founds.

Getting Started Is Easy

Choose Giving Fund Type  Select from among a variety of Group Giving Funds we offer to achieve your charitable goals.

Make a Gift  Make a gift of $10,000 to create your Group Giving Fund. CFSJ is a 501 c3 — therefore your gift is 100% tax deductible.  Gifts can be made by cash, closely held or publicly held stock, donations to memorial funds, and more.

Invest  Select from our investment options designed to grow your fund long-term for more substantial giving and impact.

Donate  Identify the organizations that address the issues your group has come together to impact, and we’ll execute your single or recurring donations.  You can manage your collective giving efforts through online access to your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.