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Professional Advisor Services

Prof AdvisorAnother Tool in Your Toolbox:

For Clients Who Want To Leave A Philanthropic Legacy

You help your clients achieve many goals.  Retiring on their terms. Paying for higher education.  Ensuring their loved ones are cared for.  Helping them build and leave a proud legacy of caring, generosity.

Add Community Foundation of South Jersey to your client services toolbox.  We can help you help them.

CFSJ will support you with resources to help your clients make a difference with the causes they care about.  With our help, your client’s legacy can live forever. CFSJ will make sure their donations continue to go to their favorite organizations or target their cherished causes.

We’ll be your partner in achieving their financial goals.  You manage their money.  Let CFSJ manage their giving.

It’s Easy To Get Started

  • Choose Giving Fund Type  Select from among the variety of Giving Funds below to achieve your charitable goals.  You can also manage your clients charitable funds through your company.
  • A gift of $10,000 to create your Giving Fund. This is a gift into your fund with the flexibility of making grants to support the causes you choose. Gifts can be made by cash, closely held or publicly held stock, and more.
  • Invest  Select from investment options to grow your fund longterm for more substantial giving and impact.
  • Grant  Identify effective charities that address your favorite cause and recommend single or recurring grants. You can manage your collective giving efforts through online access to your account.