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Volunteer Center of South Jersey


The Volunteer Center of South Jersey (VCSJ) Volunteering Campaign lasts throughout the year, but encompasses two signature events (that span across 7 counties of South Jersey): South Jersey Family Day of Service (May) and Family Volunteer Day (November). 

This initiative has targeted impact areas of hunger/homelessness, military, animals, environment, children, literacy, teens, and healthy lifestyles.

Some of the positive effects of volunteering are:

  • Bringing family closer
  • Value systems are strengthened by volunteering
  • Volunteering makes you feel good
  • Strength in numbers
  • Children see how fortunate they are
  •  It’s fun; social; volunteering gives children/youth something to do
  • Volunteering has a positive influence on the people families help

The Family Volunteering Campaign’s outreach strategies also motivate businesses and other nonprofits to recognize the value of family volunteering. Since 2014, over 4,000 volunteers completed more than 350 day of service projects, totaling 225,000 volunteer hours through the Family Volunteering Campaign.

Volunteer Center of South Jersey commits over 2,500 staff resource hours annually to insure the success of both community-building family events. Along with committed resource hours, VCSJ has also invested in technology to make it easy for busy families to get involved.

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Funding to VCSJ provides staff planning hours, operations and marketing to broaden the community outreach, and supplies for projects, that cannot otherwise be donated (i.e. paint supplies, clean-up supplies, donation project supplies, etc).

VCSJ has also developed a number of resources, including:

  • Family Guide to Volunteering
  • NPO Event Participation Toolkit
  • DIY Project Guide