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Fair Share Housing Center


Fair Share Housing Center

Green-ButtonWorking to end discriminatory housing practices that have deprived lower-income New Jersey residents of the opportunity to live in homes that are near employment and high quality schools. 

FSHC has a proven track record dating back to 1975, when plaintiffs, attorneys, and others involved in the landmark Mount Laurel litigation formed FSHC. The doctrine has resulted in 150,000 low- and moderate-income New Jerseyans having a place to live in high-opportunity neighborhoods with good jobs and effective schools.

FSHC is considered the authority on the Mount Laurel doctrine statewide, serving as a frequent source for reporters, editorial boards, legislators, and municipal officials.  FSHC is an advocate for effective housing policies at statewide and municipal levels and, when necessary, files lawsuits against the state, municipalities, and developers. In the past year, FSHC has become a similar authority in the state’s disaster recovery process, serving as a hub for a wide range of impacted families, diverse non-profits working on issues from homelessness to sustainability, and media on the process and impact of Hurricane Sandy recovery and what work remains to be done to assist low-income families displaced by the storm.

FSHC seeks to (1) defend the Mount Laurel doctrine against the current Administration’s campaign to undermine it; (2) to advocate for more homes for lower-income households in higher-opportunity communities near transit by advocating with developers and municipalities and by enforcing state law requiring affordable housing when state funds are used; and (3) to enforce civil rights protections as part of New Jersey’s recovery from Hurricane Sandy, especially for lower-income and African-American and Latino families, through public education and advocacy with the state and federal governments.  FSHC employs a multifaceted approach, which combines research and community engagement with strategic media and litigation strategies, so that New Jersey’s housing policies provide more opportunities to lower-income families and reduce the segregation that divides our state.

FSHC is widely recognized as an effective non-profit advocacy organization that is on the forefront of housing policy reform to create equality of opportunity for lower-income families in New Jersey.

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Fair Share Housing Center

Nominating Funder
The Fund for New Jersey

Length of Funding Relationship
More Than 5 Years

Last Date of Review
December 2016

510 Park Boulevard, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

Website: fairsharehousing.org
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