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The Boxwood Foundation


The Boxwood Arts Foundation is creating a regional arts/cultural center, including exhibit space for the fine arts, a theatre for performing arts, and space for dancing and cultural events.

The Boxwood Foundation is creating an unprecedented campus for the arts in South Jersey.  This state-of-the-art facility will include a purpose-built 365-seat theatre for the performing arts, lecture series, film, and other cultural and musical events. A multipurpose space below the theatre will include a 4000 square foot facility for dancing and other community and cultural uses as well as a catering-ready kitchen. Boxwood will combine preservation of and public access to a historic 1799 building in Haddonfield with its use as an extraordinary exhibition hall for the fine arts. Boxwood will conserve the heritage grounds and the natural environment at the rear of the property. The campus, facilities and programming will feature universal and inclusive design. It will be a home for everyone in our community to find a welcome place in the arts.

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The project combines the efforts of three proven arts organizations:  The Markeim Arts Center, Haddonfield Plays and Players, and the Delaware Valley chapter of USA Dance. In addition, there will be active participation by other well-established regional performing arts and cultural organizations.

Boxwood Arts will set the tone for South Jersey’s recognition as a center of arts and culture, for visitors to experience the talent that resides in our communities. This will be a facility like no other, where musicians, performers, artists, speakers, dancers, writers and directors can celebrate their craft while entertaining an audience of culturally engaged citizens.

Project Information

The Boxwood Arts Foundation

Nominating Funder
Joseph E. Murphy

Length of Funding Relationship
First year

Date of Last Review

14 Kings Highway West, Ste. 109, Haddonfield NJ 08033

Website: www.boxwoodarts.org
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