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United Advocacy Group – Family Strengthening Network


The Family Strengthening Network  fosters the self-sufficiency of families by offering holistic support to help families develop strengths, achieve goals, and navigate the most important facets of family life.

The Family Strengthening Network (a collaboration) is made up of United Advocacy Group, Community Treatment Solutions, Volunteer Center of South Jersey, Center For Family Services and Court Appointed Special Advocates of Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem Counties and serves families throughout that three-county area by empowering and supporting them to accomplish their goals, achieve their dreams, and be successful in all areas of life. Family Strengthening Network engages whole families through holistic, family-driven services, provides free confidential sessions with a Family Advocate, and offers prevention-focused education. These families would in most cases fall through the cracks because they don’t qualify for traditional safety net services.

The network identifies and develops supportive communities to embrace the well-being of families through informal supports. Families are engaged in local churches, schools, businesses, and community organizations known as Family Strengthening Network sites. Through these interactions, families are referred to a Family Advocate to help the family assess their needs and determine a “Life Action Plan” to accomplish their goals. Family Advocates then provide the accountability, necessary tools, and referrals to community resources that families need in order to accomplish these goals. The Family Strengthening Network additionally offers prevention-focused educational seminars and small groups based on specific family needs as assessed by the site.

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Project Information

United Advocacy Group - Family Strengtening Network

Nominating Funder
Pascale Sykes Foundation

Length of Funding Relationship
2 to 5 years

Date of Last Review
December 2016

40 East Commerce St., Bridgeton, NJ 08302

Website: www.familystrengtheningnetwork.org
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