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Trusted Giving Adviser

You too can be a philanthropist! As South Jersey’s trusted giving advisor, we are squarely focused on helping the region’s generous givers of all income levels maximize the impact of their giving in South Jersey and beyond. This enables givers to have a fulfilling, hassle-free experience that not only supports their favorite causes but achieves results. They often come to us knowing what they want to do yet are in need of advice and/or services to determine the most effective way to implement their wishes. CFSJ is the hub where South Jersey’s givers come to practice the art and science of creating social impact and learn from each other and our experience.

Top Ten Questions of Givers

How quickly can I get my giving fund running?
You can be up and running in just 48 hours!

I am not individually wealthy, can I create a fund with a group friends or others?
Absolutely. We can help you create a group fund to fit the style of giving you need.

How much funding do I/we need to create a fund?
Only $10,000!

How will I handle tax filings and changing regulations for my giving fund?
You will not need to. We handle all tax filings for you so you can focus on creating impact.

Are there restrictions for my giving?
As long as your giving supports a federally recognized charitable purpose (a nonprofit for example) there are no restrictions.

Does my giving have to be publicly searchable?
No. Unlike private foundations, your giving can be partially or completely anonymous.

What does it cost?
Most of our giving funds cost one percent of total assets or less. So for a fund of $250,000 for example, annual cost would be $2,500 which would cover all back office and transactional management, tax filings, basic advisory services and nonprofit vetting, etc.

Do I  have to support causes in South Jersey only?
No. You can support local, national, or international causes.

I would like to grow my fund, is there a payout requirement?
No. You can give as much or as little as you wish during the year. In fact, some givers who have private foundations start companion giving funds to receive a portion of the foundation’s five percent payout.

Can I invest the assets of my fund?
Yes. There are four investment options to choose from at CFSJ and for funds over $250,000 givers can recommend additional options.

Five Most Popular Giving Funds

Donor Advised Giving Fund
This fund is created to strategically manage and grow the giving of individuals, families, or corporations. Giving “to the fund” carries the same tax benefits as donating directly to a nonprofit with no mandatory disbursements. Donor identifies a board of advisors who advise regarding grants to support nonprofit organizations.

Scholarship Fund
A fund that provides grants for educational purposes at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Givers may recommend an academic focus for their scholarship fund (such as nursing, the arts or engineering) and eligibility criteria (including financial need, academic merit, geographic residence and/or community service) and set up a selection committee.

Designated Agency Fund
A fund that is established to benefit one or more specific organizations or programs for donors who do not want to grant a lump sum to their favorite charity. If the designated organization ceases to exist, CFSJ works with the donor, successor advisor, or representative to identify a program that maintains the spirit of the original charitable intent.

Group Funds
Group Funds offers individuals who may not have significant means individually the ability to leverage their giving with others for greater impact.  In some cases local communities create local community endowments to service the changing needs of their town. In both cases, the group pools resources in a fund and strategically decides the impact they seek and what projects and organizations to support to achieve their goals.

Cause-Specific Fund
A fund that is established to support unspecified programs or organizations in a general field of interest important to the donor, such as education, historic preservation, children, the elderly, the environment or arts and culture.

Giving Management Solutions

For givers who have private foundations as well as those who have funds with us, CFSJ offers an array of customized grants management and evaluation solutions to help you maximize your impact.

For more information or to set up a meeting to start your giving fund please contact 856-528-3385 or contact us here.