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Mindy Holman and other South Jersey residents explain how they learned about CFSJ and why they decided to partner with us to maximize the impact of their giving.

Proven and Promising

Signature Giving Funds & Services

Personal Funds

We all want to leave positive legacy.  If a legacy of generosity is important to you, our Individual and Family Giving Funds allow you to increase your philanthropic impact over time, and include future family generations in your yearning to make a difference. Read on>>

Group Funds

Whether your “community” is neighborhood, a specific cause, or a defining thread between like-minded givers who want to leverage their giving with others, community philanthropy funds can be a powerful vehicle to help achieve greater impact. Read on>>

Company Funds

Your company takes great pride in making a difference in community while engaging employees in the process. Convenient, flexible company funds help public and private companies of all sizes create customized philanthropy programs designed to achieve impact in their local local and international community. Read on>>

Professional Advisor Client Services

Our partnerships with professional advisors connect charitable clients to issues and areas of need. Donor established funds offer generous tax benefits, provide philanthropic assets for the communities they care about, and inspire ongoing giving.  Read on>>

Initiatives & Partnerships

Through partnerships with givers, community leaders, and nonprofits, CFSJ identifies and advances collective actions and projects to improve the quality of life in the region.  Read on>>

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  • This is a wonderful vehicle to help everyone participate in philanthropy, and grow charitable assets for the benefit of all.

    Mindy Holman & Frank Beideman

  • The need in South Jersey for increased philanthropy has always been great. Now it is even more urgent. Establishing a fund at CFSJ will help us do good in South Jersey forever.

    Barbara & Jack Tarditi

  • CFSJ helps South Jerseyans take a new approach to tackling old and stubborn problems. It’s a flexible solution to help donors affect both the immediate needs of our community and those that require long-term attention.

    Kim Warker Ayers, PhD

  • We both have several causes that are dear to us. CFSJ makes it easy to manage our annual gifts and examine new requests that come to us.

    Kyle Ruffin & Fred Weiss

  • As a partner with a law firm that limits practice to estate, tax and business matters, I appreciate the flexibility and ease that CFSJ can offer my busy clients. Many clients initially consider creating a private foundation as a part of the tax plan. However, I urge them to consider establishing a giving fund at the foundation. It is fantastic that we have such a great organization right here is South Jersey!

    Glenn Henkel, Attorney

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